Susanne Flowers
Originally from the Midwest, Susanne Flowers majored in fine art
and specialized in drawing at Detroit’s Wayne State University.  
She also earned an Associate Degree in Graphic and Com-
mercial Art from Macomb College and did extended studies
at Scottsdale Artist School. Flowers has worked in advertis-
ing and logo design, editorial illustration and community art
education. A San Diego resident for over thirty years, Flowers
was given her first Southern California exhibition at UCSD's
Mandeville Center East Gallery. She has also exhibited in
Mexico and Canada. Susanne has been juried into numerous
regional competitions and won many awards. Flowers' work
goes beyond its focus on the human form and captures an
underlying mood that reveals the tension and emotion of the
subject. To this end, she employs a loose, expressive line that
defines and compliments the figure. Her latest work is a visual
exploration of iconic and symbolic beings from nature.